March 04, 2010

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

There are many legends about Sleepy Hollow. The most famous legend of Sleepy Hollow was based on a German folktale, set in the Dutch culture of Post-Revolutionary War in New York State. The original folktale was recorded by Karl Musäus. The fictional tale is set at the bridge over the Pocantico River in the area of the Old Dutch Church and Burying Ground in Sleepy Hollow. However there is a real place known as Sleepy Hollow rests in a wooded area behind the Kulpmont Cemetery located just outside of Kulpmont around the Northumberland County area, Pennsylvania, near a town called Den Mar Gardens. There is no headless horseman in this legend, however. The story of Sleepy Hollow sounds like that of a local legend, but curiosity has taken over many individuals who have decided to venture to this location. The area is eerie, silent, and still considered to be part of the Kulpmont Cemetery.

Numerous decapitated tombstones lie in a thick overgrown area of broken- down trees and weeds. When entering Sleepy Hollow, you find yourself walking under what seems to be a tunnel of trees. The legend says that many years ago, three young men ventured into the cemetery, that at the time was not overgrown.

The three young men, for reasons unknown, decided to tear down a large, cement cross, which stood in the center of the cemetery on a cement platform. They destroyed the monument. After wrecking the cross, it is said that they got into a deadly car accident, and all three died.

There is another local legend stating that in the 1980s and the early 90s, this location was used to perform Satanic rituals. It is believed that numerous Satanic symbols can be found carved on trees here. There are numerous unexplained accounts that come from this location. One popular legend states that at exactly midnight, you can hear an old organ playing. There have been other reports of hearing strange noises here as well.

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I am from this area and in 1985, the Senior Class of a local HS had a party in this cemetery. 15 members of this class have died since then, most of them within 5 years of graduation. Two of them within a year. Legend says that they had written their names on the slab of stone where the cross once stood. I also have a friend who loves Halloween. During her annual Halloween party, she and a bunch of others (I was not willing to go) took a drive out. She said when she was running through the cemetery she felt as if something was tearing her stockings off. She started screaming and emerged thinking she would find her legs bloodied and stockings torn due to running through a thorn patch. When she got to the car, there wasn't a scratch on her. This happened in 2000.

We just went there tonight and the walk back there is relatively creepy. We saw the stone slab where the supposed cross was along with crosses and markings painted on the trees surrounding. We took the path to the left (the right path was extremely closed in and terrifying looking) and once we passed the tree that had broken down and laid on the side of the path, the wind had picked up and the 4 of us heard a loud cry/whimper from somewhere to our front-left. Needless to say we didn't spend any time to figure out what the sound was, we ran back to our car and left.

I've never heard/experienced anything before this and it may have been nothing, but nonetheless we all had felt terrified and had no intention of moving forward once we heard that sound.

Also, the trail is in the back of the smaller cemetery across from St. Mary's cemetery in between Kulpmont and Den Mar Gardens.

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