September 16, 2010

Captain Lindsey House

The nine-room Captain Lindsey House, built in 1837, is one of Rockland’s first inns, located among the historic seaport buildings of Rockland, Maine. The house has served as the offices of the water company, a rooming house, and now an inn. At one time, traveling theaters were popular and actors went from town to town performing; many that came through Rockland stayed at the Captain Lindsey, and some of their gaiety can still be felt here.The house is full of antiques, which tend to attract the spirit energy of the object’s previous owners. According to the witnesses, if you stay in one of the first-floor rooms, you can hear people walking around and furniture being moved when no one is upstairs at all. The house was originally built in 1835, as the home of George Lindsey, a prominent Rockland sea captain. Two years later Captain Lindsey transformed the house into what is believed to be Rockland’s first inn, complete with a livery stable and popular tavern. So it remained until 1924 when it became the headquarters of the local water company.

A century and a half later, history went full circle when Ken and Ellen Barnes, full-time sea captains of the Windjammer Stephen Taber, purchased the property and undertook to restore it to its early 19th century elegance. Once again filled with antiques gathered by the Captains Barnes in their own travels, the inn welcomed guests to a world of gracious living and outstanding hospitality.

Each room seems to have its own story. Another sighting occurred few years ago, in a few of the rooms, at first they can see the beds are made neatly, covers smooth, but when they go back into the room later, a handprint can be seen on one of the beds, or on other beds there are impressions as if someone had been sitting on it. A cabinet in the sitting room will show a woman’s face. Faint voices have been heard, and pictures reveal many orbs in all parts of the house. The history is still alive at the Captain Lindsey House.

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