April 07, 2010

Flagstaff Train Station

Flagstaff has a lot of history, but some of the history is hidden and most people don't realize a lot of the haunted places in Flagstaff. It may be hard for some to believe that Flagstaff could be such a haunted town, but the Haunted Places walking tour proves Flagstaff has its own share of the paranormal. Visitor Center workers have reported feeling like they were being watched as they climbed the stairs to the upper floor of the station. Other have described the stairs as having an eerie or cold feeling to them. Strange things often happen here but are normally glossed over by the staff, such as locked doors that have often been found unlocked when the janitorial staff comes in the night. The Flagstaff Amtrak station is located at 1 East Route 66 in Flagstaff, Arizona. The station, formerly the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway depot, doubles as a visitor center and is located in the midst of the shops, cafes, and boutiques of downtown Flagstaff. Northern Arizona University is located nearby, as are the Lowell Observatory (where Pluto was discovered), Sunset Crater, the Walnut Canyon National Monument, ski resorts, and other attractions.

A musty smell lingered in the air as James Hardy, an administrative specialist with the Flagstaff Visitor Center and tour guide for the Haunted Places tour, began with the story of The Brakeman. Prior to 1926, when the station was built, the railroad tracks would have run right through the middle of the building. On these original tracks, in an unfortunate but very common accident, a brakeman was killed – crushed between the couplings of two boxcars. Is it possible that this brakeman is still here at the spot where his life was cut short?

A member of the staff here after hours reported seeing and hearing people in the locked and secure building, only to find no one was around when he went to check.

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